Friends polybag sets have been really hit and miss. I think they could be a lot better if certain *ahem* floral design choices were nixed. They’re not included because it makes sense but because it’s a set in a theme for girls and LEGO assumes all girls like flowers jammed into every nook and cranny. It’s stupid. Oddly enough, in today’s set, 30108 Summer Picnic, where flowers would makes sense, there are none. Despite their absense though, it’s a great set.

It’s a fairly simple picnic scene. There’s a white and red checkerboard picnic blanket made up of white 2×2 plates and red 2×2 tiles.

No picnic is complete without some food. Mia packed an orange soda, a lettuce, ketchup, and mustard sandwich, and a croissant. The alternating tiles and plates pattern for the blanket was intentional so that the criossant can lay on the blanket flat using just one corner of a white plate.

The entire blanket plus food area is built on a green base plate that’s longer than the blanket. The exposed green area obviously serves as grass. It hosts a comically small tree. The other area is perfect for Mia to stand on.

And speaking of Mia, she’s not unique to this set but has fun prints on both the torso and leg elements.

One of things about some sets, polybags or otherwise, that irks me to no end is if there’s a bunch of loose things. This picnic set had a high potential of that happening with all of the food items just floating around. Thankfully, the designer used half plates for the blanket and not all tiles to provide anchor points for each of the food items. The grassy area for Mia to stand on is perfect to keep her planted as well. You can have her seated on the blanket but there’s no way to solidly connect her to a stud that way.

And like I said earlier, some actual flowers would have made sense in this set. Either at the base of the tree or a little bunch on the blanket would have been fine too. But that’s okay. This set is great without them, and without them being shoehorned into something stupid, like a bottlecap or something.

Does It Suck or Does It Rock?


This set rocks! A simple concept, 30108 Summer Picnic is executed flawlessly. It would be welcome alongside just about any Friends set or layout.

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