In what has been our annual tradition, it’s another year and another batch of Advent Calendars. This year gives us a unique opportunity with the addition of the Marvel Advent Calendar, allowing all of us to focus on licensed Advent Calendars. Ace will be handling Star Wars (75307), Eric will take Harry Potter (76390), and Nick is taking on Marvel (76196) instead of City. We’ll be walking through them all, giving our little pictures and mini reviews, and keeping a running tally of the hits and misses for each day.


Star Wars was on a good streak, whereas HP had the opposite kind of streak, a brown streak if you will, a skid mark. Marvel seems to be hovering at 50/50. I didn’t get the Marvel calendar for myself so I have to live vicariously through these daily posts. The tally so far:

  • Star Wars: 4 Hits / 1 Misses
  • Harry Potter: 1 Hit / 4 Misses
  • Marvel: 2 Hits / 3 Misses

LEGO Star Wars (Ace)

I was right! Yesterday’s build were a pair of stop signs for this, the Imperial Troop Transport from the Season 1 finale of The Mandalorian. It’s kind of got the general shape… if you squint your eyes and look at it through some heavy fog. I can’t help but feel this is the first pass of a micro build for this type of vehicle and that next year we’ll hopefully get an improved version, much like how the Razor Crest from Day 1 is improved from last year’s model. For reference, here’s a pic of the real life prop courtesy of Google Image Search:

Yeah, a swing and a miss.

LEGO Harry Potter (Eric)

Another minifig coming here in Day 6: Dudley Dursley.

Another exclusive minifig. I really like this one. It’s after Hagrid gives Dudley a pig tail. The best part about this moment is that the Dursleys had to get the pig tail surgically removed and they never brought it up again.

I got nothing else to say about this one. Good fig.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Nick)

Everyone loves the traditional hamburger and glass of wine for one at Christmas.

Disney owns a lot of things, but I’m pretty sure they don’t own Scooby-Doo (nope, just checked, owned by rival Warner Media)… yet that’s all I really think when I see this thing. This is another in a “okay, why?” builds that the Marvel calendar as thrown in there to fill space. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to this thing, and that’s a shame, because it seems like it’d be easy to tie together a calendar from a sprawling universe of connected properties like this.

Instead, we get a miss of a Christmas hamburger.

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