In just a few minutes, the LEGO adidas Originals Superstar set (#10282) will go on sale. It costs $79.99. Now there are two things you should be aware of:

First thing is that you only get enough bricks to build one shoe, right or left. They do include enough pieces for you to build the other side if you so wish. But if you wanted a complete pair, you’ll need to buy two sets. LEGO is BANKING on you to do just that because…

The second thing you should know is that the adidas promo requires a purchase of $85 or more. The shoe set is only $79.99 so if you were planning on getting 1 shoe set and get 1 promo set for free, you’d be wrong. Thankfully the promo is free with ANY purchase of $85 or more so you don’t technically have to get two shoes. You should maximize your promo opportunities and get a shoe set and 1 keychain priced at $5.99 and you’ll just be a hair over the minimum purchase. Do that twice and you’ll end up with a complete pair of shoes, two promos, and some keychains to give to your kids.

And hey, since you can get this snazzy promo with ANY purchase, the smart thing to do would be to pick up all those new Harry Potter sets you were holding off on for a cool promotion to come along.

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