The Friends Apartment LEGO Set is Now Available for VIP Early Access


This is one of those “can’t say much more than the headline” kind of posts, but 10292 The Friends Apartments set is now available for VIP Early Access. If you’re not a VIP member, then you’ll have to wait until June 1. I’m almost tempted to say that this is the ultimate Friends set that could ever be made. It’s filled to the brim with details that any hardcore and casual fan could spot and recognize. The cost is $149.99 for 2,048 pieces. Grab this and the Ideas set that started it all, 21319 Central Perk ($59.99), and you’ll be as Friends complete as you can be.

Of course there’s no rush to get anything right now. It’s not a limited set and there’s no GWP to go along with it, so you may be better off waiting for some kind of bonus offer or promotion. But right now all you’ll get is free shipping.

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