Welcome to Day 7. City continues to be the laggard, sitting at .500… (also known as “would make it far and away the best team in the NFC East* this year). The tally so far:

  • City: 3/3
  • Harry Potter: 5/1
  • Star Wars: 5/1

Yesterday was, like, the worst day for the Calendars since all three themes had stinkers. Let’s see if things turn around today.

*seriously… as a Cowboys fan that doesn’t even pay all that much attention to American Football these days, the stink of that whole division is overwhelming. The Cowboys stunk even before 2/3rds of the roster went down to injuries in the hellscape that is 2020… I don’t know what the excuse for the rest of the division is.

City (Nick)

Wait… was that gas station really a helipad? I’m so confused, with the sudden addition of a helicopter. As a build, this is a solid little micro guy. There’s a printed helipad on the interior box, so I assume it goes there, given that it’s police colors and not Octan colors. This is the winner for the micro vehicles thus far.

Harry Potter (Eric)

At least this is Yule Ball-related. The gramophone isn’t a Harry Potter invention, but something about the age of it makes it fit perfectly in these movies. I’m not sure if there was a gramophone specifically in the Ball scene, but you’ve got to imagine there was some music playing when the Weird Sisters weren’t. Might as well be playing on a gramophone. I like this little guy.

Star Wars (Ace)

Continuing yesterday’s terrible Sith-themed build, we get a Sith Stormtrooper. Wait… are they Sith Stormtroopers or Sithtroopers? The second one sounds right. Honestly, I don’t remember seeing these guys in the movie either. But they’re stupid cause they’re just red and they came from a terrible movie. Big huge YAWN so far.


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