Day 1 of the three Advent Calendars are off to a strong start garnering thumbs up from all three of us. The thumbs-up/thumbs-down tally so far:

  • City: 1/0
  • Harry Potter 1/0
  • Star Wars 1/0

Let’s see if the trend continues.

City (Nick)

Oh, so that’s how this is going to go? We’re going to get a swarthy cop, with Eric Estrada hair and a Christmas sweater? I am here for it. This is Duke Detain, and there seems to be some sort of story going on with the characters in the calendar. Guy has an alt face too, sporting full-on Eugene Levy eyebrows… and a wrench. For, wrenching, I guess.

Harry Potter (Eric)

It’s a Hogwarts! I really like this little guy, and all the details that manage to be put in here. I did get my expectations up a bit by thinking there would be more of these that get put together into a larger Hogwarts build. By itself, it’s not the best, and the Advent Calendar immediately loses its Yule Ball throughline. As far as I know, there wasn’t a replica of the castle anywhere in that scene.

Star Wars (Ace)

Nick’s not the only one that got fig for Day 2:

Poe Dameron arrives wearing an ugly-style holiday sweater with BB-8 right smack in the middle. If it looks familiar, it’s because it is straight out of the LEGO Star Wars holiday special. Nice to get a unique fig but at the same time, getting a nice one like this so early spells mediocrity for future days. I hope I’m wrong.

Poe’s got an alt face printing. He looks like that one drunk uncle who grabs his blaster when his cup runs out of nog. Starting to really feel like Christmas, eh?


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