Update: Forgot they were releasing 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters too. It doesn’t seem to be too popular because it’s still available to add to bag and not back ordered on the Shop@Home site like the other releases from today.

Also, the Harry Potter sets continue to be benched. A 4/30 pre-order date never materialized, the 8/1 shipping date doesn’t seem to be true either as they are all still listed as “Coming Soon”. Not sure what’s going on with that.

Star Wars seems to have been pushed back to September 1 but maybe I just got that wrong entirely. Oops. Sorry. I’ve cleaned up the original post below and removed HP and SW listings. My apologies for any confusion.

Original article, edited for clarity:

Tomorrow is August 1, and a ton of new stuff is going to put on sale. It’s quite possible it may go up on 9pm tonight Pacific Time, or midnight if you’re on the opposite coast. Here’s a rundown (FBTB is an affiliate partner with LEGO Shop@Home, so if you click through any of the links and make any purchases, we may get a small commission):

LEGO Super Mario

The full range of LEGO Super Mario products will be available: the base Starter Set, Power Up packs, and Expansions Sets. You’ll need the base set, 71360 Adventures with Mario Starter Course, to get Mario and for the other sets to really mean anything other than just a pile of bricks with weird stickers.

Here’s the entire list:

You should also head out to your local big box retailer. They may or may not have some promotional polybag sets too.

UCS Nintendo Entertainment System

This is number one on my hit list for tomorrow, 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System. It may even replace my UCS R2-D2 in my giant bell jar display. Price is $229.99 which feels right, but $199.99 would have felt better. It’s like that Camper Van being $119.99 instead of $99.99.

LEGO Art Iron Man

Revealed earlier today, the Iron Man wall art portrait will be also be available. Cost is $119.99. You can build one of three portraits, or buy three to display all three at the same time or combine them to create this larger image:

LEGO Piano

Revealed last week, the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano set will be available for $349.99.

Remember that feeling I had when LEGO introduced the gross $700 UCS Star Destroyer? I’m starting to get that feeling again. Especially looking at that piano. Especially now given the pandemic. I get that LEGO has a product roadmap they need to stick to a release cycle. No doubt that they are profiting quite nicely from parents looking for things to do while stuck at home if the bare shelves at Target and Walmart are any indication. But still, I can’t help but feel a bit nauseous. Yet here I am counting down the time until I can get my hands on the LEGO Super Mario stuff.

Again, links should be live by 9pm Pacific Time tonight. Otherwise, try again tomorrow.


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