So, remember when I shoddily reported that Castle Byers build event during the Stranger Things midnight reveal event? That build event was limited to the midnight reveal parties for the Stranger Things 75810 The Upside Down LEGO set. If I am remembering correctly, only two stores hosted said party: the Flat Iron building store in New York City and Leicester Square over in London, England. Thankfully, according to the email that was forwarded to me, LEGO is returning this event to more stores. You’ll need to register in person and need to be 15 or older to participate. Space is limited so get there ASAP to reserve your spot. Make sure to call and confirm though. The website doesn’t show this event on their monthly calendar or on the individual store pages.

The model in the promo email looks exactly the same as the one from the event. I’m really glad that LEGO is doing this, but I’m sure some entitled AFOL is going to throw a fit about that.

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