Spoiler alert: once you’re done with World of Light, you enter… wait for it… The Dark Realm. Apparently, I’ve been in The Light Realm this entire time.

I should have guessed there was more to World of Light than the initial map. Once I uncovered the entire map and only unlocked about half the roster, I wondered how I was going to get the other half.

The video above shows my fight against Galeem, the boss of World of Light. I used Ness because of his PSI Magnet special. In one particular phase when Galeem splits into three orbs, PSI Magnet can absorb the fireballs it spits out and heal Ness all the way back down to 0% damage. Pretty sure using anyone else would make the fight that much harder.

These are the spirits I used. I suppose it would come down to picking the right spirits to use if your character doesn’t have PSI Magnet or similar ability. Akuma with Demon Style would be a good contender. Lifesteal and Great Autoheal would be good abilities if you went with another Primary. I don’t know what other viable character + spirit combos there are; I haven’t really looked. I just went with what I thought would work and lucked out with PSI Magnet.

And those darn Spirits. Nintendo Pokémon-ed the spirits in the sense that you gotta catch’em all. Right now I’m at 1195/1302. A good chunk of the ones I’m missing are the fighter spirits from Classic mode. The others are most likely from The Dark Realm or need to be summoned using spirits from The Dark Realm.

I’m still not a huge fan of World of Light but I do like completing the challenges board. Thankfully, The Dark Realm doesn’t seem to be as big as The Light Realm.

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