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Brothers Brick posted a review on the upcoming 70922 The Joker Manor set (comes out on Black Friday). I kinda scrolled through the page and looked at the pictures assessing whether or not I want to spend the time reading. I passed because there’s just… too much. And the thing is, every AFOL site does the same thing, but in varying degrees: Eurobricks, Brickset, even us here at FBTB, offer reviews that get to be too long and wordy. Example: do we really need a picture of the bags? I mean, come on, what value does that bring?

I’m not innocent in my criticism. I’ve probably done the exact same thing. But nowadays, review length is something I try and keep in mind when I sit down and write. I can’t imagine I’m the only that sees a wall of text and a tiny scroll bar on the browser and think, “Screw this, I’ve got better things to do.”