Update: The deals are live! The deals are live!

Went through the site again and found a couple of deals that weren’t live when I first posted this. It seems that sale prices are being rolled out slowly and there may be more come tomorrow morning. Everything listed below is 20% off:

There is more on the unofficial list of sets that are marked down for Brick Friday, and these are the ones that are live right now. These discounts are good in-store and online. Again, the list is unofficial so take it with a grain of salt and be prepared if some items are sold our or not discounted at all or only available during Cyber Monday. I’ll post the complete after the jump. Remember, in addition to the savings you’ll also get the following:

  • Free shipping on all online orders with no minimum!
  • Brick Friday Sale on select items while supplies last!
  • Free exclusive Snowglobe on orders of $99 or more.
  • Free Exclusive 2017 Coloring Wall Calendar with qualifying purchases!

10218 Pet Shop

10244 Fairground Mixer

10667 LEGO Juniors Construction
10673 Race Car Rally
10674 Pony Farm
10683 Road Work Truck
10684 Supermarket Suitcase
10685 Fire Suitcase
10686 Family House

10806 Horses
10814 Tow Truck
10819 My First Garden
10824 Miles Space Adventures
10825 Miles ExoFlex Suit
10826 Miles Stellosphere Hangar
10829 Mickeys Workshop
10558 Number Train

21006 The White House
21013 Big Ben
21023 Flatiron Building

21303 WALLE
21304 Doctor Who [Door Buster 50% then 20%]
21305 Maze

31027 Blue Racer
31029 Cargo Heli
31036 Toy Grocery Shop
31037 Adventure Vehicles
31038 Changing Seasons
31040 Desert Racers
31041 Construction Vehicles
31043 Chopper Transporter
31044 Park Animals

40154 Pencil Pot [Door Buster 50% then 20%]
40155 Piggy Coin Bank [Door Buster 50% then 20%]
40156 Butterfly Organizer [Door Buster 50% then 20%]

Lego Pirates
40158 LEGO Pirates Chess Set [Door Buster 50% then 20%]

40161 What Am I [Door Buster 50% then 20%]

Disney Princess
41055 Cinderellas Romantic Castle
41061 Jasmines Exotic Palace
41062 Elsa s Sparkling Ice Castle
41063 Ariel s Undersea Palace
41069 Treasure s Day at the Pool
41140 Daisy s Beauty Salon

41103 Pop Star Recording Studio
41106 Pop Star Tour Bus
41107 Pop Star Limo
41110 Birthday Party
41111 Party Train
41112 Party Cakes
41113 Party Gift Shop
41114 Party Styling
41115 Emmas Creative Workshop
41116 Olivias Exploration Car
41117 Pop Star TV Studio
41120 Adventure Camp Archery
41121 Adventure Camp Rafting
41122 Adventure Camp Tree House [Door Buster 50% then 20%]
41135 Livis Pop Star House
40114 LEGO Friends Buildable Jewelry Box [Door Buster 50% then 20%]
5004900 LEGO Friends Olivia Watch with MiniDoll
853552 LEGO Friends HandFootFun [50% off]
853556 LEGO Friends Minidoll Campsite Set

41171 Emily Jones the Baby Wind Dragon
41176 The Secret Market Place [Doorbuster 50% Then 20%]
41177 The Precious Crystal Mine
41178 The Dragon Sanctuary
41075 The Elves Treetop Hideaway

41572 Gobbol
41573 Sweepz
41574 Compax
41575 Cobrax
41576 Spinza
41577 Mysto
41578 Screeno
41579 Camsta
41580 Myke

42034 Quad Bike

60047 Police Station
60077 Space Starter Set
60080 Spaceport
60081 Pickup Tow Truck
60084 Racing Bike Transporter
60090 Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
60091 Deep Sea Starter Set
60092 Deep Sea Submarine
60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel
60097 City Square
60105 Fire ATV
60109 Fire Boat
60114 Race Boat
60115 4 x 4 Off Roader
60116 Ambulance Plane
60118 Garbage Truck
60126 Tire Escape
60127 Prison Island Starter Set
60128 Police Pursuit

Nexo Knights
70310 Knighton Battle Blaster
70311 Chaos Catapult
70315 Clay s Rumble Blade
70316 Jestro s Evil Mobile
70333 ULTIMATE Robin
70334 Ultimate Beast Master
70335 ULTIMATE Lavaria

70605 Misfortune s Keep
70733 Blaster Bike
70735 Ronin R.E.X.
70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon
70737 Titan Mech Battle
70738 Final Flight of Destinys Bounty
70739 Airjitzu Kai Flyer
70740 Airjitzu Jay Flyer
70742 Airjitzu Zane Flyer
70743 Airjitzu Morro Flyer
70744 Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer
70751 Temple of Airjitzu [Door Buster 30% then 20%]
851342 LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Army Building Set. [Door Buster 50% then 20%]

Star Wars
75059 Sandcrawler
75074 Snowspeeder
75082 TIE Advanced Prototype
75092 Naboo Starfighter
75100 First Order Snowspeeder
75106 Imperial Assault Carrier
75113 Rey
75115 Poe Dameron
75127 The Ghost
75130 ATDP
75133 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack
75135 ObiWan s Jedi Interceptor
75136 Droid Escape Pod
75138 Hoth Attack
75140 Resistance Troop Transporter
75150 Vaders TIE Advanced vs. AWing Starfighter
10236 Ewok Village

Angry Birds
75826 King Pigs Castle

Marvel Super Heroes
76030 Avengers Hydra Showdown
76036 Carnage s SHIELD Sky Attack
76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack
76049 Avenjet Space Mission
76050 Crossbones Hazard Heist
76064 Mighty Micros SpiderMan vs. Green Goblin
76065 Mighty Micros Captain America vs. Red Skull
76066 Mighty Micros Hulk vs. Ultron

DC Comics Super Heroes
76061 Mighty Micros Batman vs. Catwoman
76062 Mighty Micros Robin vs. Bane
76063 Mighty Micros The Flash vs. Captain Cold
76046 Heroes of Justice Sky High Battle [Door Buster 50% then 20%]
76034 The Batboat Harbor Pursuit
76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro

850850 LEGO Santa Holiday Bauble
850949 Christmas Snow Hut Ornament
851407 LEGO Holiday Wrapping Paper
853344 LEGO Holiday Ornament with Red Bricks
853345 LEGO Holiday Ornament with Gold Bricks
853574 Christmas Ornament Reindeer

Original post below:

It’s Brick Friday! Last weekend we saw LEGO Shop@Home offer a sneak preview of the Brick Friday deals. In case you missed it and/or weren’t a VIP member at the time, you can take advantage of those deals right now. Starting right now through 11:59pm Monday November 28th, you can enjoy the following:

  • Free shipping on all online orders with no minimum!
  • Brick Friday Sale on select items while supplies last!
  • Free exclusive Snowglobe on orders of $99 or more.
  • Free Exclusive 2017 Coloring Wall Calendar with qualifying purchases!

Now, as far as I know, there hasn’t been an official list of exactly what sets are on sale. They have deliberately held back that information due to the leaks that would hit the internet beforehand. If that’s the case, then I honestly see no advantage in doing that; shoppers want to know! The site, as far as I can tell, has been updated and you can hit this page to see what exactly is on sale. There isn’t a lot of going on set-wise; I noticed a lot of keychains and character goods. The free snowglobe and free shipping with no minimum may be the best things about the Brick Friday deals.

I’ll try and update this post once more if things change in the morning. I may still be in a turkey-induced sleep though, so if I don’t make an update, make sure you hit up LEGO Shop@Home and check out the deals!

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