To paraphrase Tohst in our chat… Harrison Ford is willing to do just about anything to get out of playing Han Solo, including inflicting another needless Indiana Jones movie on us (unless it gets rebooted with Chris Pratt, in which case… gleeeeeeeee). This time up in that quest to stop being Han Solo is crashing his plane into a golf course.


He apparently walked away from the crash, and was later hospitalized and treated for “serious” injuries that include some cuts on his head. Who knows, given that the source is TMZ… it could be that he is walking around as a force ghost or it may be that he actually just went out for drinks at a place called “The Hospital.” Given that principle photography for Star Wars is wrapped up it won’t affect the release at all.

But perhaps he will recognize it as what it is, a message from some god or gods that we absolutely do not need a Blade Runner sequel!