Yeah, these are all gone. The AT-DP sold out on like the second day. The others were still there as of Saturday when I last checked. Of course, that’s when I should have placed my order because sometime between then and this morning, they were no longer showing up in my cart. I emailed my affiliate rep, and he has confirmed that they are out and will no longer be available. If they happen to find any stashed away in some dark corner of the warehouse, it would be a miracle so I wouldn’t count on that happening.

If you’re still desperate, there’s always your local Brand Retail locations but I would call to make sure they have any left before making the drive as supplies at stores vary from location to location. Even if you’re not near one, most if not all stores should be able to do a phone order and have it shipped out to you. No free shipping though so be aware of that. And if you’re truly desperate, there’s always (fl)e(a)Bay and/or Bricklink.