Well, in case you needed a break from all of The LEGO Movie reviews or rumors of new sets, Marvel went and released a new still showing off what we can assume will be the final look for the main characters in the upcoming Guardian’s of the Galaxy. It should look familiar, since it’s based on the concept art that was floated around Comic Con (and the CGI have apparently improved since then, per buriedbybricks, who I guess watched the teaser from SDCC).

I’m pretty stoked, since as a marvel collector, the only Groot figure that’s been available is a small sapling in a planter that was less than an inch tall. Now, I can get a giant figure and do Vin Diesel impersonations! And the fact that Rocket Raccoon is in the middle, staring down whoever is taking the still, is just awesome.

Also, does anyone else look at this and feel the urge to go watch The Usual Suspects, or is it just me?

[Image found via io9.com and Marvel]