Continuing our flood of leftover Toy Fair coverage: the new Lego CITY assortment is ready to go. Almost half the sets include an aircraft and you can’t seem to go near the water without getting attacked by a shark so clearly things are as exciting as ever. There’s a new large prefabbed cockpit section in two of those which the boxes highlight as a positive aspect on account of the easier construction, and a new large floating boat hull for those that love to take their sets for a swim. Also, nearly a decade after it was last included in any sets, the white shark is finally back!

Notably absent from the entire lineup are buildings in any form.

  60013 Coast Guard Helicopter 2 60019 Stunt Plane 2
60021 Cargo Heliplane 1
60021 Cargo Heliplane 1
60011 Surfer Rescue 1
60014 Coast Guard Patrol 1
60012 4x4 & Diving Boat 1
60023 LEGO City Starter Set 2
60020 Cargo Truck 15
60025 Grand Prix Truck 1
60027 Monster Truck Transporter 2
60024 LEGO City Advent Calendar 1

Obvious spoiler alert for anyone planning on getting the Advent Calendar: you’ll probably want to avoid that last gallery.