70008 Gorzon's Gorilla Striker 1

I just completed uploading all of our Chima photos. We still have video (I believe) of some of the Chima sets which we will get to as soon as humanly possible. The gorilla mech pictured above is awesome with all kinds of chunkiness that really gives it a great look overall. Click through each of the box images to go to their flickr set. There’s a lot more sets from the theme that I didn’t post a picture of: all of the Speedorz sets (did I say that right?) and their constraction figures as well. Let us know what you think of everything in our forum!

I have City, Creator, Duplo, and Hero Factory remaining which I am hoping I’ll be able to burn through tomorrow night. Thank you for your patience.

70007 Eglor's Twin Bike 1
70009 Worriz' Combat Lair 1
70010 The Lion CHI Temple 1