So, there were plenty of other themes on display … Legends Of Chima, Galaxy Squad, Friends, Technic, Mindstorms (which was amazing!), Creator, Castle, TMNT and City.  Everything looked pretty great to me, although I don’t have any massive interest in these themes.

What was interesting was the Collectable Minifigures bit … whilst no new figures were on display, they did confirm that Series 10 would be out around May and Series 11 would be seen in November (although the catalogue says September).

Series 10 appears to have a “Find Mr Gold” promotion, and although the details were pretty limited, it seems that there might be a single gold figure in the box somewhere.  The guy we were with didn’t know if it was in place of one of the 16, or in addition or whether it would be a unique gold figure or a gold version of one of the 16.  Still, one to look out for … it’s ok if you buy a whole box and sell the spares, but it’ll be a pain for those that buy figures as and when they can!

Series 10 will be in gold packaging (maybe that’s why there’s the chase figure promotion?) and Series 11 will be in green.

In other news, I found the “tat” stall and it seemed to have new torches coming and a new light featuring Boba Fett.  They also the same in the style of old school spacemen.


UK Toy Fair 2013

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