The Hobbit Board Game Revealed

Toys “R” Us has The Hobbit LEGO board game available to pre-order for $34.99. I’ll be adding this one to my game collection and look forward to picking it up when it’s released on September 24th.

The Hobbit Board Game

The world of The Hobbit comes alive in a whole new way with this fun LEGO Board Game! Build the board yourself, then put your brain to the test to help find the missing dwarves in Hobbiton. In this cool twist on the classic memory game, you’ll use clues from beloved characters like Gandalf the Grey and the hobbits of the Shire to figure out the dwarves’ location.

The LEGO Board Game – The Hobbit features:

Includes 1 board game with play tiles, LEGO pieces, and a die
Construct the board yourself out of LEGOs
Challenge your memory skills to find the missing dwarves
Imaginatively immerse yourself in the world of The Hobbit
For 2 to 4 players