Oh Canada! What’s better than waking up to the smell of maple bacon sizzling for breakfast? Nothing. Close second though is finding out that LEGO Shop@Home is offering uber rare figures to Canuckleheads only! That’s right spend $75 and enter the promo code WOOF and prepare yourself to bring home a Shadow Arf Trooper in time for Christmas! You planned on giving it away, right? Once again, the offer is only good in Canada and only for December 5th & 6th and if you bump your order up to $99 you’ll score the free shipping too. I don’t imagine they have too many more of these, so this could be your last, last, last chance. Or not.

Update: It appears there is a seperate code for Yank’s as well! So head on over to the US LEGO Shop@Home site and enter the code BARK when you place your $75 order!

Thanks ninnymuggins!