Not much in the way of Cyber Monday LEGO deals worth mentioning. TRU has their week-long LEGO BOGO 50% sale (excludes Star Wars and Ninjago) and Shop@Home is still recovering from their Brick Friday sale (holiday gift set #2 no longer available; you still get 10% off $149 or more; free shipping on $49 or more; 25% off some stuff). But Amazon does have a nice sale price on the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. Its listed MSRP is $18.99. If I recall correctly, the lowest sale price to date was somewhere around $11 and some change. Right now, you can buy the book for $9.49, a discount of 50% off.

On another note, if you missed out on getting 10194 Emerald Night from Shop@Home during Brick Friday, Amazon still has it for $89.99, a 10% discount off of MSRP. Discount isn’t as nice as Shop@Home’s 25% but considering its status there is “Sold Out”, it’s a sure fire sign that it is discontinued and will no longer be produced.