I just updated our t-shirt store page with some Customer Action Shots (term unashamedly ripped off from ThinkGeek) of the famously soft FBTB t-shirt out in the wild. Brickcon is right around the corner and to help me get there, I’m offering free shipping on all orders, domestic and international. Short sleeve tees are only $24.99. And since the weather is getting colder, consider getting a long sleeve t-shirt to protect your delicate arms from lower temperatures. Long sleeve tees are priced at $29.99. Both shirts ship for free. Offer good until September 30th, 2011 or whenever I update the Paypal button, whichever happens later.

Did you buy a shirt? Do you want to be featured in our Customer Action Shots gallery? Email me your pics at ace@fbtb.net and be a part of the glory!