Just got a newsletter from Think Geek showing some cool new LEGO-themed products. 21 new games, sets, and accessories have been added, including:

    >Collectible Minifigs Series 1 and 2
    >Minifig Keychain Light
    >LEGO 2×4 Brick Keychain Light
    >Minifig Torch Light
    >LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock
    >LEGO Brick Alarm Clock
    >LEGO (Star Wars) Minifig Alarm Clock
    >LEGO Brick Light

Not sure why the Minifig Torch Light has no pants. Anyway, these are some cool items that you can use to proudly display your LEGO geek-ness, wake up on time, and illuminate dark areas.

Also, if you order by tomorrow at 11:59 PM ET(November 12), use the promo code BACONTRANCE to get $10 off orders of $40 or more.