Thanks to Jabba The Taff for the tip-off, here in the UK, we’ll soon be able to get a series of “free” Lego sets.  You need to buy the paper each day, for 10 days (or collect the tokens and send them off for a fee at the end of the deal).  From the photo posted, the sets looks to be :

30008 Creator Snowman

30009 Creator Christmas Tree

30021 Creator Parrot

7808 Creator Yellow Airplane

30042 Atlantis Mini Sub

30041 Atlantis Piranha

30010 City Fire Chief

30011 City Police Boat

30012 City Microlight

30013 City Police Buggy

The advert seems to say 10 toys … but I suspect the 10th might be a cardboard box to put the toys in!

The Daily Mirror costs 45p on weekdays, 65p on Saturday and the Sunday Mirror is £1.

Assuming the deal is like previous ones, then the toys will be available at WHSmiths and TRU stores.

*** Update 20th October 2010 ***

The 10th Toy is confirmed as 30008 Snowman.

The outlets for picking the toys up is confirmed as WHSmiths or TRU