Toys’R’ and brick’n’mortar stores are having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale on ALL LEGO construction sets. If you buy online and your order total is more than $100, you get free shipping. Some notes:

  • On the online ad, which is the little flash screen on their home page, there is no fine print about excluding Star Wars or any other theme. But if you were to browse LEGO Star Wars they do not qualify for the BTGO deal. I can’t seem to bring up the printed flyer on their site as of this writing, but I assume the fine print will say it there. Might be worth a phone call to customer service since they are not honoring the online ad language. Update: the fine print on the individual item page does say excludes Star Wars.
  • The online store has some of the bigger sets that are normally only available through LEGO Shop@Home, but it has been a pattern that those higher priced sets magically go out of stock during sale weeks, and then reappear after the sale is over.
  • You should buy three items of the same price to maximize your discount. Even then, with TRU’s infamous markup, it cuts into your potential savings. But hey, a sale is a sale.

Despite all that, I hope you can find some stuff worth buying.