Target is having a sale on LEGO this week. Star Wars, Atlantis, and City sets are on sale for around 15% off. The best deal? 7749 Echo Base is a paltry $15 bucks, that’s 40% off MSRP. So get thee to a Target! But hey, I can understand why you can’t make it there: truck broke down, tree fell on the road, water main broke, a never-ending line of goslings following mama goose crossing the street. Whatever the case may be, you can also order online through or and pay for shipping to save you the trip. I used to think that paying for shipping was a bad idea if I can just drive down to a store and buy the same thing. But now that I have a baby, the convenience of having something delivered so I don’t have to make plans and jump through hoops to get out of the house doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore. Shipping from Amazon starts at $5.41, you pay tax no matter where you live, and even then it’s still less than retail. There’s a limit to 5 per order, but I believe that there’s no limit to the number of orders you can place.

Thanks to dane for giving us the heads up last week.