Is it pre-order or preorder? Anyways, when licensed news is slow, it is slow. Good thing there are plenty of other newsworthy items to report on, like LEGO Universe.

If you’re not one of the eleventy billion people playing World of Warcraft and looking for something more kid friendly and less challenging, you can place your preorder for the LEGO MMO, LEGO Universe starting 12am local time Friday May 14. That’s midnight Thursday. Me personally, I’d start checking the site at 9pm PST. With your preorder, you’ll receive an exclusive minifigure made especially for the game, a code to unlock the same minifigure in game, and guaranteed game delivery to play on release date. This limited time offer is good in store and online with the exception of Australia/New Zealand & Asia/South Korea. More terms and conditions apply, check out the site for more details. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pic of the minifigure, but there’s a rendering of it on the Universe site at

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