Hi FBTBers!

If Ace’s up to the minute pre-holiday sales news didn’t empty your wallets already, here is some after-holiday sales news to finish the job!

A few notes about after holiday sales:

  • A dictionary look-up of the word “clearance” would suggest that these items will not be restocked at the given store.  So, if its gone, its gone.  Product is subject to availability. We post the news, and make no claims of it being in stock.
  • Secondly, many clearance blowouts are store-specific, meaning whats on sale at a random big-box retailer may be different than its sister store three miles away.  Most of the news from these sales may not apply to your store, so shop with enthusiasm but be prepared to find different deals than your FBTB friends.
  • Finally, LEGO was a HOT item this year.  Inventories are picked through and limited.  This year, unlike in recent year’s past, to the early bird will go the worm.  Don’t expect stock to sit on the shelves for weeks on end… if there was stock in the first place it won’t be there long.

Here are some confirmed super sales:

LEGO Shop at Home:

The Sales & Deal’s Page has featured some great sets through the last 24 hours, but stock is limited.  Currently, Star Wars and Indiana Jones are limited to keychains or sold out.  Keep an eye on the page, however, as year-end counts get done and random inventory returns to stock.

LEGO Brand Retail:

LEGO Brand Retail Stores have many of the items on the S@H pages also on sale, but stock is very limited.  25% off most items from the 2008 and early 2009 Star Wars and Indiana Jones line.  If you can find them in stock, I picked up a few 7681 Separatist Spider Droids and a 7683 Fight on the Flying Wing.  Stock varies from store to store.


I’ve gotten two PM’s about the 7754 Home One Mon Calamari being on sale for 30% off.  This set has been below retail throughout almost the whole holiday season.  Though a fan-favored set versus the disaster of a set that was the 7680 Twilight, looks like Toys’R’Us struck out again this holiday.  While for 30% most would consider it a good buy, I personally would expect further discounts forthcoming.

Happy Hunting!

A note to forum users: Please post all “store specific” clearance news to the After-Holiday Clearances thread in the Finds! sub forum.