This is a little outside our realm, but the items are too cool to not post. Marc Ecko’s online store,, is having a major sale on his Star Wars clearance items. In addition to the already discounted prices, you can use coupon code R2D25 for an additional 25% off. But wait there’s more! If you spend $100 or more, you’re shipping service will automatically be upgraded for free! But wait, there’s more! is giving away a limited edition Boba Fett hoodie signed by Mr. Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch. In addition to the hoodie, the winner will also get 4 additional t-shirts designed by Marc Ecko. To enter, hit this link and follow the instructions.

This coupon and giveaway window expires today at 11:59:59pm Wednesday December 16 EST. That’s in 10 hours as of this posting. Go now!