I just received my LEGO Club Magazine today, and in it is the conclusion of the Hunt for R2-D2 comic. The conclusion? Artoo is carrying plans to the Malevolence and the comic instructs you to complete the online game to see the plans.

Who didn’t see that coming a parsec away?

What’s interesting about the comic though is that it seems to have a smattering of 2010 product drawn into some of the panels, such as the ARC-170 StarFighter, Droid Tri-Fighter, and some sort of one-man freeco speeder on Hoth which I can only guess is from the upcoming Hoth battle packs.

Other tidbits inside the magazine is a one-page promo for the Ben10 line which looks like a cross between Galidor and Bionicle and an interview with model designer Hans Henrik Sidenius who designed 7199 Temple of Doom.