Two sweet sales to share today. 

First, to our merry maple leaf brethren in Canada, we have heard through forum user Bertramtalespinner that Canadian Wal*Marts are discounting lots of sets, including 2009 Star Wars sets like the Hyena Droid Bomber or Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter.  Check out the complete list in  this thread: [CAN] Walmart SW lego price drop.

Also, as a set, 10192 Space Skullsicon wasn’t too successful, but as a parts pack, it was a brilliant kit, especially when it is more than 2/3 off.  I know it isn’t a Star Wars or other licensed set, but for $19.99 on Shop at Homeicon, it is worth it for the Star Wars builder.  Thanks to Morgan19 for pointing it out.

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