Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, FBTB’s Internet Price Guide has had a shakedown. The guide went dormant around mid-November since it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the daily fluctuations in availability as the holidays approach. As of now, the guide is bare-bones as many sites still haven’t replenished their inventories. For example, Amazon/ has only one item listed, and it could disappear tomorrow, to be replaced by a different item the next day. Other vendors have disappeared off the guide completely since they no longer have any LEGO Star Wars sets in stock. If they restock, they’ll be reinserted back into the guide. One vendor, ToyWiz, has been removed due to obnoxiousness: not only do they have a disturbing animated flash advertisement on their right sidebar, they jacked up their prices for the now-harder-to-find Episode III sets, some more than double MSRP. Anyway, the guide is back in a slimmed-down version to serve again as your LEGO Star Wars internet reference.

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