Now that you’ve voted (those of you old enough to), today’s IPG update contains just a bit of news. First, HobbyTron coupons for November appear in our left sidebar. has been added to the IPG; I snuck it in there a couple weeks ago…and are diddling with things again. Their 20% off all LEGO sale has ended, but they have sharply discounted some of the older smaller sets; prices end in .97 so they are probably clearanced. Examples include Jabba’s Message $4.97, Jabba’s Prize $2.97, Tusken Raider Encounter $4.97, Cloud Car $4.97, Jango Fett $9.97 (yes, that’s correct, there’s not a missing digit), Hailfire Droid $19.97, and a few others. Free shipping for $99+ orders still applies.

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