Most SW LEGO items at are marked down 20% (only the two E2 Technic sets are still regular price). Although the sale is through 11 November, many of these won’t last long…see the IPG for a quick summary of items/prices. Other Star Wars toys, including Playskool and Hasbro, are also discounted, and purchases of $99 and over qualify for free shipping.

For our Swedish readers, Michael writes in with this: “Toys R’ Us in Sweden now has discounts on the following sets: 7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit for only 299.50 kronor (save 100 kronor )and 7163 Republic Gunship for 849 kronor (save 300 kronor). This goes for all the TRU in Sweden, but I don’t know for how long.”

And for the French, from Harald: “Carrefour Megastores. They have this new policy where they’ll pay you ten times the difference if you find the same toy cheaper elsewhere, and to make sure that wouldn’t happen, they slashed the prices radically. Bounty Hunter pursuit normally goes for Eur. 39.95, but now it’s sold for Eur. 28.51 at Carrefour.
It’s the same with the Rebel Gunship, which normally goes for Eur. 124.95. At Carrefour however, they now sell it for Eur. 91.20. If you buy it next wednesday, you’ll get a Eur. 15 voucher too for your next buy!”

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