A new year, a new crop of LEGO TMNT sets and they were awesome. Even the Michael Bay turtles looked kinda fun if you ignored everything you know and love about the ninja turtles. Before you click through, unfortunately we weren’t able to take any pictures of that line. I can say though that they translate well into LEGO form. They are using different molds for the characters than the ones from the movie. Splinter is re-imagined from the current cartoon. Shredder looks more or less the same. The sets look kind of fun, but like I said, you’ll have to let go of any history you may have of the franchise. Even then, you still have to contend with Michael Bay and we all know what he’s done with Transformers. Me personally, I don’t think I’d get any of the Bay turtles. Anyways, continue on if you wanna see what’s in store for the Nick cartoon license. I’ve added the set names, piece count, and price points for the Bay turtles at the end of the list. Enjoy!

79118 Karai Bike Escape

88 pieces
$12.99 USD / $15.99 CAD
Available in April

QO5C4000 QO5C4001 QO5C4009 QO5C4008 QO5C4007 QO5C4006 QO5C4005 QO5C4004 QO5C4003 QO5C4002

79119 Mutation Chamber Unleashed

196 pieces
$24.99 USD / $29.99 CAD
Available in April

QO5C4012 QO5C4013 QO5C4014 QO5C4015 QO5C4016 QO5C4017 QO5C4018 QO5C4019 QO5C4020 QO5C4021 QO5C4022 QO5C4023 QO5C4024

79120 T-Rawket Sky Strike

286 pieces
$34.99 USD / $44.99 CAD

QO5C4029 QO5C4030 QO5C4037 QO5C4036 QO5C4035 QO5C4034 QO5C4033 QO5C4032 QO5C4031

79121 Turtle Sub Undersea Chase

684 pieces
$59.99 USD / $74.99 CAD

QO5C4040 QO5C4041 QO5C4042 QO5C4043 QO5C4044 QO5C4045 QO5C4046 QO5C4047 QO5C4048 QO5C4049 QO5C4050 QO5C4051 QO5C4052 QO5C4053 QO5C4054 QO5C4055 QO5C4056 QO5C4057 QO5C4058

79115 Turtle Van Takedown

368 pieces
$39.99 USD / $49.99 CAD
Available in July

79116 Big Rig Snow Getaway

743 pieces
$69.99 USD / $89.99 CAD
Available in July

79117 Turtle Lair Invasion

888 pieces
$99.99 USD / $119.99 CAD
Available in July