Another Clone Wars-era ship, another hit? Today’s polybag is 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle. The larger system scale ship is one of the prequel trilogy ships that has seen exactly zero remakes or re-releases outside of the mini.

And here it is in all it’s minified glory. A minor quibble is that it’s built with white plates instead of light grey like the bigger set but everything else about it is pretty nice. When landed, the wings fold up and are stopped at a satisfying angle thanks to the plating bumping up against each other.


Darth Maul lending a helping horned head.

In flight, there is nothing for the wings to bump against at the lower angle so you’ll have to eyeball it which can test one’s OCD.

The only way to grip the ship is from the top and bottom instead of the ideal swooshing grip, the standard side-by-side pinching action. One can maybe use the tile + plate area above the thrusters but that’s a small surface area to really get a firm handling on.

The other thing that kinda bothers me is that lack of landing gear. A couple of 1×1 round plates would have sufficed just nicely. Otherwise it just lands on the belly of the ship which really is not the best way to land a ship. This must just be the way that the Republic designs their ships cause the RGS has the same belly flop landing method.

The body of the ship is a pretty satisfying build, just a solid structure of plates. The jumpers up top centers the spine.

The “head” of the ship is built separately and then clipped onto the back and angled down. You can push the head all the way down to create the angled look both in flight and on the ground.

Does It Suck or Does It Rock?


This set rocks! A nice hefty build that’s pretty satisfying to pick up and put down. Angling any ships wings while in flight to make sure they are even is my least favorite activity to do, but luckily this thing looks great while grounded.

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