Bespin Duel Set Now Live


Update 2: This set is now sold out from both and Target. Grats if you got one.

Update: The set is sold out from And I didn’t realize this until a few moments ago, but for Target you’ll need to be a REDCard holder and pay with it to get it. It’s still available there with a limit of one per customer.

Original article below:

The adult-targeted $40 Bespin Duel set is now live on both and Target. Shipping should be free no matter which site you order from. It is a Target exclusive so you won’t be seeing it on Walmart or Amazon.

We are affiliate partners with both and Target. If you make a purchase after clicking through the links in this post, FBTB may earn a small commission. As always, we thank you for your support.

There’s a small paragraph on the product page on that says the following:

While originally planned to be available at an event that is no longer taking place, this set will now be available at!

I’m guessing this was going to be the Star Wars Celebration exclusive. The question now is how many were intended to be made for the event, and how many are actually available now. There’s no indication that the set is limited in any way.

Brace your wallets. This is going to be an expensive couple of days.


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