LEGO’s new VIP raffle offer is for a prototype Boba Fett polybag originally released 10 years ago. The figure is encased in a plastic display box complete with a blaster minifig accessory, the original polybag, and some sort of printed mini poster showing a bunch of LEGO Star Wars minifigs from Empire. It is of course graded by some grading ‘authority’. The whole package has bits interesting things going on.

You get Boba Fett in its own little tray space. The blaster is also gets its own space. Then there’s the actual polybag. Is this a new polybag printed just for this giveaway package? Is it the original bag that the Boba Fett in the case came in? If it’s the original bag, how did they open it? If it’s not the original bag, was it a prototype bag used as a proof that someone had lying around the office? If it’s a prototype bag, is it vacuum-sealed but just empty?

I can’t figure out where the mini poster came from. I’m fairly certain it isn’t new and might have been a promotional piece that was printed around the time this figure came out. The minifigs in the poster are all from 2010 and are all from Empire Strikes Back. I thought it might have been pages from the Darth Vader printed book that came out around the same time as the Boba Fett polybag but I just checked my copy and one of the pages match.

While I kind of loathe the idea of spending VIP points for raffle tickets, I will say that this is one of the better giveaways they’ve had since I started paying attention. It is definitely better than last month’s giveaway of a Maz Kanata minifigure with a pictured signed by Arti Shah, the motion capture stunt double who is not Lupita Nyong’o.

Each raffle ticket will cost you 50 VIP points and you can enter a maximum of 15 times. Visit the VIP Rewards Center to enter. You have until May 17 to enter.


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