Spider-Ham Is The Only Noteworthy Thing To Come Out Of Toy Fair 2020


FBTB didn’t attend toy fair this year for a variety of reasons. So I’ve been browsing the web off and on over the weekend to see what was noteworthy. And to be honest, it sounds like a huge disappointment. We didn’t go but some other LEGO sites attended so I’ll be lifting pictures and linking directly back to their coverage below.

Image lifted from BZPower.

For Star Wars, Shop@Home listed the two Mandalorian sets ahead of the show, basically taking the wind out of those sails. The only other Star Wars set that came out of was a life-sized 75278 D-Oset. You know D-O? That single wheeled droid from Rise of the Skywalker? Yay.

There were Minions sets. Yay.

Image lifted from The Brothers Brick.

Some other various themes were updated like Friends, LEGO Gear, and CMFs. Speaking of CMFs, there’s a Power Ranger looking minifigure in the 10th anniversary series.

But really, the absolute star of the show is Spider-Ham:

Image lifted from zusammengebaut.

LEGO may not have had an Into The Spider-Verse license, but with this final set, 76151 Venomosaurus Ambush, I can be Spider-Verse complete. Or pretty close anyway. Sweatpants Peter Parker might be enough of a variant to warrant it’s own minifig. And then we’ll just need the movie versions of Kingpin, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Prowler. And then we’ll just need an Aunt May and MJ to go with them.

Do I regret not going? Not in the least.