After yesterday, we are still averaging .500 across all three themes:

  • Star Wars: 10/10
  • Harry Potter: 11/9
  • City: 9/11

Story Time (5/6): I was in the hospital another couple of weeks for recovery. Since my appendix had fully burst I needed my digestive tract drained of all the poison and bile. I also had to go through therapy to learn how to walk again. I remember being bored and lonely in the hospital wing. My dad was in jail; my brother didn’t have a car; I had no one that visited me or stayed with me. But one day, my brother and all of  his friends that I partied with came to visit. One bought me a GI Joe toy and it was like my most favorite thing ever. I do remember one nurse that played with me whenever she had free time. We played War a lot. She was like, the only one. I was a shy kid so I mostly kept to myself.

LEGO Star Wars Day 21

[Ace] Hands down this Cloud Car is best micro build in the entire calendar. It should be burnt orange color; that minifig neck bracket should be red or burnt orange; but really, all forgivable given what a nice little build this is. And swooshable!

LEGO Harry Potter Day 21

[Eric] What’s Hogwarts without it’s statues? Especially a statue that resembled a gilded Albus Dumbledore holding a baton? To continue one yesterday’s tradition of obscure things, I have no idea what the other thing is. It has a gold bar on top of it, and the little cone piece can move along a hinge. I need some clarity. Did Lego just run out of ideas and say “I don’t know, throw something vaguely Harry Potter-y together and call it a day; no one will question it.” Well someone is! Someone is questioning it! I can’t judge whether or not a piece is canon if I can’t tell what it is!

LEGO City Day 21

[Nick] So, outside of LEGO, D&D, video games, and making snarky comments on the internet… reading about and studying science and astronomy is one of my favorite hobbies. I love this little thing, even if it’s pretty basic. I wish they would have figured out a way to make more of a tripod mount, but still, it’s great. Winter is the best time of year for astronomy, anyway.


  1. Hi! So he’s a statue od the Architect of Hogwarts – it says in the book that a large gold statue of him stands in the e entrance hall of Hogwarts 😀 the things he’s holding are (I think) meant to be s scroll (blueprints) and a tiny Hogwarts model.

    Definitely canon and kinda cool! Also the thing from yesterday was a pedestal for him to stand on 😀

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