Still batting .500:

  • Star Wars: 7/7
  • Harry Potter: 7/7
  • City: 7/7

I’m just gonna come out and say that by the end of this, we’re gonna end up with just a super average rating fro each of the calendars. You heard it here first folks, on day 15.

LEGO Star Wars Day 15

[Ace] This feels like a filler day. Like, they ran out of ideas and needed something to toss in here. In what has mostly been a sequel trilogy calendar, this is a throw back to Episode I. I suppose it’s supposed to be paired up with yesterday‘s Tank Droid build since a lot of the builds are meant to be paired up. I still cant help they completely dialed this one in.

LEGO Harry Potter Day 15

[Eric] Does this snowy fella count as a minifig? No clue, but I do like that scarf. But the true question: is his hat a wizard’s hat, or a poor imitation of a scarecrow’s hat?

And is this how Frosty the Snowman was made?

LEGO City Day 15

[Nick] Okay, wow. Just… wow. I love this little build. It’s simple and elegant, and just works so very well. I’d love to see a couple of small clear tiles on the front, or maybe another stud in length if possible, but those are minor. This is exactly the sort of build that I love to see in the advent calendars, and outside of the minifigs, my favorite thus far.

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