It seems that Star Wars and HP drew the short straws yesterday and took a nosedive. Here are the current totals:

  • Star Wars: 5/6
  • Harry Potter: 6/5
  • City: 6/5

And being Canadian, seeing Nick’s build made me smile a lot. Not entirely sure what that yellow disc was supposed to be though. Anyhoo, on with today’s.

LEGO Star Wars Day 12

[Ace] Helloooooo, gunner! LOVE this minifigure. It took LEGO something like 85 years to finally get around to making him and with a proper helmet to boot! And it looks just so perfect. Love love love getting this today. And since I never got around to getting that gun set, I may just have to now.

LEGO Harry Potter Day 12

[Eric] More food items are always welcome, and while it makes sense to have this alongside a second table, it feels a bit cheap. Ace is getting minifigs like crazy, and Nick is getting…well, at least he’s not getting basically repeats. Gonna have to thumbs-down this one.

LEGO City Day 12

[Nick] You know, I can see what they were going for here… or at least assume it was some sort of rocking chair… but this just comes off as lazy and kind of boring. I can see fitting this in anywhere, but there are better ways they could have made the chair. Go for a bit of a recliner, or a simple wooden number, and it would feel a bit more valuable. Still, it’s been our first dud in awhile, so I guess we can get past it. I hope.


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