Kinda surprised that all three themes got winners yesterday:

  • Star Wars: 4/3
  • Harry Potter: 4/3
  • City: 4/3

It’s like they’re in sync, like the menstrual cycles at sorority house. That’s my theory anyway; only time will tell if the theory holds true.


LEGO Star Wars Day 8

[Ace] The allergen-friendly Island of Achoo I’m assuming. That one 1×1 round plate is probably supposed to be Luke’s hut, right? This looks like something you could build from the parts you pick up off the ground under the Pick-a-Brick wall at your local Brand Retail location.

LEGO Harry Potter Day 8

[Eric] A turkey, a plate, and three yellow things? Crappy? Yes! But at least I have a table to put them upon! There’s always a few days like these in the Lego advent calendars – just loose, random items (see below). However, as we have a table to put them on, it’s not all that bad. Still pretty bad, though.

LEGO City Day 8

[Nick] A fairly basic day. It feels a bit light, but they’re fine. I like the new (to me) flower parts used as bows, but it really feels like they should have included a couple more of the larger presents. If you collect the holiday sets, you already have a lot of these that look better overall, so these will get mixed in towards the back of any display. Another not good, not bad, day.


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