Day 2 showed us some ups and some downs. They can’t all be winners now can they? Let’s see what you got, Day 3.

LEGO Star Wars Day 3

[Ace] The HP set came swinging out of the gate with an exclusive minifig of Harry Potter. Hopefully it’s not all downhill from there for Eric. We, here, on the better, way more superior side of Advent Avenue, get our first minifig today on Day 3: a First Order Stormtrooper. As a basic army-builder unit, he is always a welcome site. Two good entries in a row. I’m expecting it to drop now.

LEGO Harry Potter Day 3

[Eric] Everyone else is getting minifigs, but since we already got the only minifig that really matters in Hogwarts, we’ll settle for these snow-capped trees. Well, more than just capped. Enveloped, maybe. Hey, at least there’s two of them.

LEGO City Day 3

[Nick] Okay, here we go… after a real dud of a day two, we get our first minifig. Coordinated coat and hood combos are always nice. I’m left wondering, is this a janitor or is this a curling enthusiast and we’ve somehow ended up in northern Minnesota / Canada with this year’s calendar. I mean, I bet I could look at the box and see, but I’m just way to lazy for that and I’d like to be surprised.


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