UCS ISD is Now Available For VIPs


Today is September 18th, the day that the new and gross UCS set 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer goes on sale for VIPs at LEGO Shop@Home. For seven hundred dollars. Some people will probably buy it. I’m willing to bet 20 chicken McNuggets that a lot of people won’t though and that sales will be a somewhat unremarkable event compared to when the UCS Falcon was released. The Falcon feeding frenzy was fueled by the exclusivity of the VIP Black Card and all the untold treasures that were sure to come for the next year. Boy, were we fooled. Fooled! Bamboozled I tell ya! I still feel duped and a little bitter about how spectacularly that program sucked.

Without an exclusive membership offer behind the ISD though, there isn’t that incentive to buy. And without some sort of additional incentive other than building a giant wedge, like empty promises and shallow rewards that ended up being the VIP Black Card, LEGO asking you to fork over $700 is a big ask. You do get double VIP points but… eh. VIP rewards ain’t what it used to be.

Yes, I’m still going to link the set in the small hope that we’ll get a commission sale or two. Because as much as I hate doing that, this site still needs to operate. Donate won’t you?

Buy 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer from LEGO Shop@Home. Or don’t and feel good about saving $700.

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