Update: The images have been removed at the request of the LEGO Brand Protection police robots. And to their credit, they managed to get Instagram to scrub the hashtag.


If you head on over to Instagram on the web and search for the hashtag #legoleaks you’ll be treated to a images of the next wave of LEGO Star Wars sets. I’ve reposted a few here. I wonder if LEGO will ask me to take them down. Would seem rather pointless since they’re all over the web now. /shrug

Based on the way the images are composed, I’m guessing these are real and not fake. Clearly LEGO still has security issues when it comes to their images. We’ve been going on how many years now where this is a regularly occurring thing? I’ve lost count.

Beware that there may be some spoilery content in the images.

The real winner here is that *-****. The most nightmarish one would be **** hands down. And the most pointless one would ****’* *******. And the ******.



  1. So now we’re back to skiffs in the desert, AT-STs in the forest and A-wings in space. J.J. is creatively bankrupt. At least Last Jedi delivered some fresh tech designs. This trilogy has been a disaster. As for the Lego designs, well the Y-wing looks nice I suppose.

    • The AT-ST is from The Mandalorian tv show, not sure how much input JJ has on that. But being set post-ROTJ and pre-First Order, it makes sense that there would be vehicles/tech that’s leftover from the Empire.

      As for the skiff, yeah, it’s certainly uninspired to be back in a space desert again, but I don’t really see how The Last Jedi had much in the way of “fresh tech designs.” The even bigger AT-ATs? The AT-ST that BB-8 hijacks? The defense of Crait skimmers that are basically B-wings? The Resistance bombers from the beginning of the film are somewhat fresh, but do look a lot like a scaled-down front half of a medical frigate.

      I think as far as vehicle designs go, all the new films have been playing it safe. There hasn’t been a new ship that FEELS like Star Wars without the reason being that it is obviously reminiscent of something already from Star Wars. While having a certain derivative quality is fine up to a degree so that there is a visual cohesion, there’s plenty of room to throw things for a total loop and introduce, say, a fighter design that bears no resemblance to anything in the franchise so far.

      • Fresh compared to TFA is what I meant I guess, which had zero new designs besides Rey’s speeder and the star destroyer. Last Jedi had the bombers (I agree the best new design), longer nosed A-wing, Kylo’s Tie interceptor evolution, a variety of nice capital ships, the speeders on the capitalism parody world, and the crawler thing that dragged the cannon on the hoth ripoff world. I agree none of these were particularly inspired, but the point of my first post is that at least Rian was much more willing than J.J. to put in designs which weren’t perfect copies of their OT versions. All J.J. seems to know how to to is milk nostalgia. The worst offender is the original Tie fighter. It makes no sense whatsoever for that silly looking death trap to still be flying. The pilot doesn’t even have peripheral vision. Everyone should be in TIE interceptors or better 30 years after ROTJ. But again, purely for nostalgia milking it’s the only First Order fighter.

        • I want to add that if I could go back in time 10 years right now and show all the Lego sets that have been released for this new trilogy, I know my younger self would be shocked that this is all we have to show for THREE new Star Wars movies set AFTER ROTJ. It’s just sad and such a wasted opportunity by Disney to advance this universe. To say nothing of the pointless killing off of the main cast who never even got to reunite. Such horrible movies.

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