Update 7/3: There’s a ton of LEGO Star Wars sets on sale. And by ton I mean most of them. And instead of linking every set here, I’m going to dial it in and put a generic link for LEGO Star Wars on sale at Walmart. There are a lot on sale that arent’ tagged as a “Rollback”, so browse the list. No doubt they are clearing the way for the fall assortments.

In our post about the Spider-man ATM Heist being on sale, reader Chris Wight pointed out that there’s even more on sales going on right now… not the least of which is the UCS Snowspeeder sporting a healthy 20% discount. As of right now, Amazon hasn’t matched some of these, but have some sets of their own discounted as well. A bunch of Star Wars sets are in the mix, as well as as a few Super Heroes sets (like the ludicrously overpriced Red Hulk set).

Star Wars

Super Heroes

Jurassic World


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