Went to LEGOLAND this weekend, yet again, because apparently I can’t get enough of this place. And I was sort of half looking for things to blog about. I won’t lie and was hoping that the LEGO Voltron set would be there for purchase but they weren’t. Didn’t find much that was blog worthy at the park. But on our way home we decided to stop by the Costa Mesa LEGO store and I saw the above keychains: a Landspeeder and Imperial Star Destroyer.

They’re about Advent Calendar quality builds, maybe even slightly inferior. I’m not s big keychain guy but had to buy these because A) Star Wars and B) they weren’t minifigures.

Cost was $4.99 per and can be found over at LEGO Shop@Home too. Technically they’re listed as bag charms and apparently bag charms are solely comprised of vehicles. Not really sure what the difference is but okay, whatever.

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