I can’t remember if LEGO’s done this in years past, but they’ve decided to do a full reveal of a set just days ahead of Toy Fair. 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is taken from the upcoming Solo movie and not at all what I expected it to look like. Han modified the crap out of that thing before we see it in Episode IV.

LEGO is asking for $169.99 for this 1,414 piece set. This might be the most expensive non-UCS set to date. Thirty bucks more and you’re at the UCS Slave I or Snowspeeder range. By comparison, the First Order Star Destroyer is $159.99 for 1,416 pieces. And the previous System-scale Falcon was $149.99 for 1,329 pieces.

And that Chewbacca minifig? The stuff of nightmares.

75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, along with all the other sets based on Solo: A Star Wars Story, will be on retail shelves starting in April.



  1. OK is it white or really washed out light bluish grey? While the set isn’t very appealing, the design actually managed to pique my interest in the film when I first saw the leaked images. I enjoyed Rogue 1 and this movie has the potential to have a similar tone/feel, though the director changes could just leave it a steaming mess…. I hope not.

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