DJ The Codebreaker

Something strange is going on about with my local Toys’R’Us store. I just have a bad feeling that it is going to be one of the alleged TRU stores that are marked for closing. They have ZERO 2018 sets out. Okay, they have one out, and it’s the Egghead Mech Food Fight set, but that’s it. No LEGO Star Wars, no The LEGO Batman Movie CMF Series 2 sets, no Bat-Space Shuttle, nothing. It’s a bit eerie. Asking the person at the service desk to look up the Cantina set yielded no results. I haven’t checked other stores lately but I may have to make a special trip to see if it’s the same at other SoCal stores. I know other stores in other parts of the country are stocked up. It’s just strange because I feel like my local store gets a good amount of traffic, especially on in-store events days.

Anyways, I went in and saw the above sign plastered everywhere. I ended up just buying the DJ minifig by itself since they didn’t have any of the new stuff I was looking for.

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