Star Wars X Voting Poll Redo


So, yeah, we had a couple of technical issues with the poll. It had somehow reset itself in the middle of the week, and there was a time stamp issue, where one fighter was unfairly left off. I apologize to all of the participants; I had fully intended to get the prizes out and delivered in time for Christmas, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anymore. I’ll throw in some random polybags to the winners to make up for it.

So please vote again in the new Star Wars X Voting Poll. It will go for 7 days again, winners announced on Christmas Day.

View the gallery below and good luck to all!

Zerek Wing Interceptor Besh-Wing Interceptor (flight) Aurek-wing Aurek-Wing Fighter Piece of Shen The Besh-wing Star Wars Besh-Wing LEGO model Shen-Wing Nern Wing Onith-Wing Starfighter Enth-Wing Starfighter Forn Fighter Shen-Class Transport Fighter 'Beluga' (1) Xesh-Wing Starfighter (2) 20171128_110338 Freitek F-Wing Bomber Imperial Aurek Fighter Besh-Wing Fighter 01 Dorn-Wing light cargo freighter VevFighterATATBusterBox2 24463259_10210980518052373_420585654_o Dorn-Wing "Ship-Breaker" Bomber FBTB SW Aurebesh contest entry Resh (r) Starfighter - FBTB Dorn-Wing Starfighter Fbtb SW X - Senth Fighter (with authentic battle damage!)

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